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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Bullshit of Reviews

Today I received a email after doing some work for someone. The email was this (Minus the personal info)

"I want to ask for a favour from you. Can you kindly help my new business with a 5 star review on Just a 3 or 4 sentence about the cuisine will help me millions. My restaurant is going through some bad time due to terrible reviews posted by my competitors etc................ "

And this was actual the reason why I want to write this. I actual stopped looking at review websites a long time ago. Why, I hear you say. Simple because there are a lot of people that actual will write anything for money. And not only that, if you look at websites like then you can actual buy for a fiverr any kind of review. On video, or in writing. So, how true is a review these days. As you can see in above text this person is actual doing it, because the competition is doing actual the same, but then against her.

My advice. Run your business as you should do. Do not mind the BULLSHIT that you are reading on so called review websites, because as you can see, it is easy to fake them.

Eat there where you heard from REAL friends that it was good food. Big change that it really is.

Have a good meal, and good luck with your business. Whatever you do, but stay away from FAKE reviews!

Because that is .....

Correct, the real BULLSHIT!

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