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Monday, April 14, 2014

The bullshit of "How to get a good website idea to get lots of traffic"

Yes, if you see this, then you probably where looking for something like "

"Get website traffic", "How to get website traffic", "10 tips to get website traffic", "Ideas to get traffic to your website" or something similar.

Do you really want to know? Why simple not write about something that you really care about.
When I started this blog I was actual starting it because I hated all those people who where screaming about how money they where making on the internet.

You know what I mean : "I make 600 a day, 365 days in a year" ????? Why are they still need then to have my 10 dollar ????
And why are they telling me this then ? Are they earning enough with the 200000 a year ?
Are they planning to give it away ? No, it is most of the time simple a trick of getting your money.

And that is the same now with the people who are screaming of every roof that they know the way to get the best traffic to your website.

I can tell you how ! Simple ! Just make a blog about something you like. Like it to write on it. And sooner or later people will start visiting your blog. And that is the way to get your blog going ...

Good luck with your blog ... No bullshit from me :-)

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