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Monday, March 17, 2014

When it is NO bullshit. Free storage space !!! DROPBOX

Yes, found something I really like this time ... No bullshit !!!!


You currently have 3 GB of Dropbox space

 What is this. I hear you say !

Dropbox can be downloaded here!

When you donwnload it on your PC you get actual a folder where you can place files in. No big deal. 3 GB is what I have now. But this can be made up to 16 GB and more if you want to spend money.

But then the fun starts! When you have placed files in it, you can use the files everywhere where you install DROPBOX on the device you use. Can be your Iphone, PC, LapTop or your IPAD. Anywhere you can use that folder !

To get more space you simple invite friends or family to open a account (Simple give your email address and place a password in it) and they get 500 Mb extra space. (And you as well!) Click here and you can get started as well !

But what can you do more with this dropbox?

  1. Share files with friends, family or even strangers. 
  2. Upload your mobile photos to the DROPBOX (Apps available for that !)
  3. If you need more space you can buy it!
There are 3 packages that you can use. I use the FREE one :-)

But you can also get the PRO version here! This will cost $9.99 each month. For that you have 100 Gb of storage ! And if you want to have unlimited ? Storage then use the Business version for $15 each mont with a minimum of 5 people ! (So your total price is then 5 times 15 is : $75)

Even more storage space is possible. But you can check that here!

Would say that it is no bullshit as long as they keep a FREE part in this. Lets see how it will work. 
O, and if you look for the file : "fakeimages.tar.bz2" because you have read that you will be able to upload this to the DROPBOX so you get more space. Simple save you the problem of looking for it. Upload any picture and copy it again and again in the dropbox and you get also more space!

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