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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Don't you hate it when something is suspended ? Yahoo Answers account is currently suspended

Update. Checked yesterday again my email from yahoo and found this email:

 Thank you for contacting Yahoo!.
Your content was deleted for features or resource abuse.
In Yahoo! Answers, you may not abuse site features such as abusing stars; using multiple accounts to harass, troll, and point-game; or using the "report abuse" link to target other users. You must not excessively use bandwidth beyond normal usage levels.
On review of your case, we have decided not to reinstate your content.
For additional help with Yahoo! products, please visit the Yahoo Help pages.
Thank you again for contacting Yahoo!.

In other words, I have nothing to say about this ???? This is now the bullshit that you can get. I really did nothing wrong with my account. I stopped using it more then 7 to 8 months back, and when I wanted to login again, I found out that my account was blocked. And they simple do NOT want to reactivate the account. It  is not that I can not live without it :-) But it is simple unfair. Any others who experience this with  Yahoo ?

Today I went for the first time in like 4 or 5 months to my Yahoo account, to look at Yahoo Answers ? And then I see this :

I say what ?? Suspended? I did NOT do anything with my account the last 4 to 5 months. (Yeah, I hear you, they say it all !!) No, sorry, it is really true, I did not use it. But the worst part is, you look at this message and see that you have to send a message to : if you feel that there is made a mistake ???? Yes, DUHHHH. There is made a mistake, but I am locked out. No warning what so ever ... Simple locked out ? Points gone ??? (Not that I do much with it ?) But anyway. This happen to me, but how long will it take before I get a answer ? Will it be days, weeks. No information? So I went in the Answers of Yahoo and type in :

Yahoo Answers account is currently suspended

And I see a lot of people reporting this as well ??? And simple tell me to forget about my account, because they did not get a answer from Yahoo. I will first wait a while to see if I get an answer from Yahoo ? But if they actual send to answer as people are mention in Yahoo answers ? Why do they even give a email address to send a complain too ?? 

Will wait and see what happens. Keep you informed :-)

Update: It is now 3/18/2014 and I had received one message saying that my account will be suspended. And that I needed to look at the forum for this? But I did not spam, did not do anything with the account for at least 6 months. And asked several times to activate the account. But till now NO result ? Anybody else same experience as I have ?

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