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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bitcoins - Bullshit or not ?

A while back I started writing about Bitcoins this article. It was during a long time in DRAFTS. But I get it out now. Why, simple because what all happen with the bitcoins, and what you see in the news.
 Is the bitcoin a thing that will go away, or is it something that will stay.

When you type in Google the word bitcoin, then you see now the story that the inventor of the bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto denies that he is the inventor ? But you do not here anymore about the crash of the bitcoin because that the MtGox was hacked ? And we see more that have been Hacked : $600.00 dollar away from Flexoin ?

For the most people I thing the bitcoins have more question then answers. And then you will see that people are misusing it. I have seen already spam email where the offer to by FRESH minded bitcoins ?

Yep, you get scammed. Trust me....

So I wander. Will this be the payment of the future, or will it be the bullshit now ?

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