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Friday, June 28, 2013

0wned by Dowoh NOT any more :-)

If you see below part on your website then you have been hacked by this nice person ?
What did they do. They used a symbolic link to get in to your account. It seems to work on all kind of websites, but it seems that hostings can block this kind of attack as well. How they do it is explain on several websites. But I just want to say to this person something else. Just get a nice hobby and stop this BULLSHIT !!!!

Did you get hacked, talk about it here, and sew her ass off !!!!

Dowoh was here

0wned by Dowoh

Indonesian defacer

Below is what is changed on the website. Most of the time only the index.php file!
But check your website!!!!
The websites below are NOW out of business !!!!


<style type="text/css">
    body {background-color:whitesmoke;}
    #q {font: 40px impact;color:0;}
<title>Dowoh was here</title>
<center><font color="gray" face="garamond" font-type="ravie" width="35%" size="8"><h1>0wned by Dowoh<h1></font>
<center><img src="">
<center><font color="gray" width="50%" size="5"><h1>Indonesian defacer<h1></font>

Thursday, June 27, 2013

30 Day Money Back! Part 2. Review!

Yes, this is part 2 of 30 days money back !

Based on my experience with hosting company

And why I tell there name her now. Simple because I think I official will NOT get my money back from them. And be aware of that if you buy any service of them that you can file a complain by PayPal, but that they official can NOT refund you. But they did it with me, by giving me FEES back.

But lets start from the beginning here. If you read my story before (Part one is here)

Then you can see that I was actual trying to buy reseller hosting. But because I did not like it. (Downtime, confusing, No answers on support tickets I decided pretty fast that and I will not work together.

That is why I canceled my account. And send them several tickets that I want to have a refund. Again, I got it from PayPal. But did not get my money back from M2Host.

My simple advice for all who are looking for (reseller) hosting. Avoid at all time. Do not by there service because it is all a lot of BULLSHIT that they sell.

30 Day Money Back!

Are you save with a 30 day money back guarantee ??

30 Day Money Back For us the most important thing is that our clients should be happy with the services they get from us. For that we strive hard. Then also for our clients we offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our services you can get full refund of your amount within 30 days of signup

Above is what you get when I clicked on a new hosting that I want to use. Was for reseller hosting, and I was thinking that I was save with this. Special when I hit the "More information" button. And I could read this :

We are so confident with the way our plans are designed and the 24x7 prompt customer service we provide ,that we provide 30 day money back policy. Actually its a simple rule, if you provide excellent service no client wants to cancel the service as its a problem for both the client and the hosting service provider. Its more problematic for the client, as he is upset and needs to transfer all his data to another host and again wait for the domains to resolve to another server which harms his business. In this way we understand our client, we understand and know their problems very well and hence we provide a great product along with perfect service that a client does not need to cancel his service. Actually thats what a client needs, A host should be prefect that client does not need to cancel his service with them and we are really the best at it. Hence we provide 30 day money back policy to our clients. You will get full refund within 30 days of signup if you want to cancel. Money Back guarantee is included in all web hosting plans. Money Back Guarantee policy does not apply to services such such as : Domain Registration, Dedicated IP, Dedicated SSL Certificate, Dedicated Servers, VPS servers and Web Design services.

After reading all above you would think that you could order this and be save. HOW WRONG CAN YOU BE!!!! Nothing but troubles to cancel the service. And still busy with it. But lets start by the beginning. Is this now BULLSHIT or is the real, and I am just a idiot and did not read all correct ?

I got me a reseller account and did try to set it up. Did it before, so that was working pretty fast. But I was seeing that the server was slow, so they moved me to another server. No problem. But when I see again that all is low, and more things where not working, I was thinking that I need to stop this. Keep in mind that it is a reseller hosting, so I am responsible to my customers. So the hosting need to be perfect.

I had problems with support. Waiting time up to 5 hours ??? No problem if you sign up with a hosting and they tell you this before. But it is a problem when they did not tell !

So, then there is the moment that you decide it is enough. I cancel this. And you think you are save in the 30 days money back period. How wrong can I be ....... Every time I asked to get money back, they ask to setup a test account (Even that they can see that I already deleted all)
I think this is just a strategy to keep me long enough there so I past the 30 days.

Like I said, still busy with it. So I will update you later on this again ....

But for now, be sure that you want to order something, and be prepared on a long battle to get your money back, because till now I found out that a 30 days money back guarantee is a lot of BULLSHIT!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spam in your email .... I hate it ... NO bullshit this time

Okay, you know all the emails .... Making thousands of dollars a day ... Do not miss out of this opportunity or of that opportunity, get fast rich and more of that kind ...

  Click Here

In other words :

E-mail SPAM

I really, really hate it. So much, that I created this website for it. Just to warn people for another scam. is the website what I am talking about. 
But why now a article here on about this. Simple. I am trying to get more help for this website, so the more publicity I get, the better it is for SPAMEMAILNEWS.

And because I do not want to e-mail you all :-) I was thinking let me talk about it here on Maybe we (You as a reader) and I can come up with a few ideas to prevent more email spam. In other words what can we do about it ....

I would love to see some serious idea on how to prevent spam......

Let me know. Thanks

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What are Good Website Ideas?

So, you did find, but why did you find this website? It is an brand new website with only a few articles on it? Maybe because of the name :-)

This is why I start this article, what is an good website idea?

But before I can answer this, I will have to tell you as an reader what I think is an good website.
For me an good website means that the website needs to have at least this:

  1. Good domain name that someone can remember.
  2. An good content.
  3. Updated /original content.
  4. Do not make a website to make money!
Starting with number

1. A good domain name, 

I do not only mean that the domain name need to be good, but also saying something about the website. I just take my domain name as example. can give you all kind of information. What Bullshit is for me, can be important for you. (And vice verse :-)
An short domain name is also good, but hard to find these days. 

2. Good content,

An website with great content will get traffic. For example an website with
health information, because people need to know that kind of information. You can be sure to get traffic to your website. But the downside from it is that there are a lot of website about health, so the competition is big and you need to have something special that people are looking for.
That is why you see specific in health a lot of websites that have one topic in health like cancer etc.
But whatever you create, be sure you can write about it, or that you have someone that can write for you.

3. Updated / Original content.

If you see an website that has great content, but has not been updated for like 2 years (And trust me, there are website's that have not been updated for 2 years) then there is an big change that all the content is outdated and not relevant anymore. So, keep your content up to date. Check links if they are still there.

4. Do not make a website to make money!

There are a lot of people that start with making a website because they want to make money. Do not do that. Just make a website that you like. I like to write about a lot of different topics. Even if I do not write that good in English because I am Dutch, I still can write about things I know.
That is why I created Just to have a space where I could write about everything that I like to write about ...

But I did not start this to make money with it.

And this makes then my contribution to this subject about "what are good websites ideas?"

I hope you did like to read it, and I sure hope that you will response on it. Let me know what you think are good website ideas ?
See ya ...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

BULLSHIT versus BULLSHITWEB on Google & Bing

Did you see  the commercial from BING ???? No, simple check once
And you know what I am talking about. See this :

 What is this all about ? Simple, BING is saying it is better then Google. So I was thinking. Let me do a little test for myself. I like some BULLSHIT, so lets start ....

Two words :-) BULLSHIT and BULLSHITWEB, See below the result that I got.


Bullshit 47,700,000
Bullshitweb  5,500


Bullshit 22,400,000
Bullshitweb  36,400,000

But what are these numbers saying me. Nothing. Because I only check the first page ...

When I type in BULLSHITWEB, then on both pages my website will show up. 

And that is good .... But what is it now with bingiton?

I did do the test. 

See below :

5 times I look for different words. Simple:

Bullshitweb, then Bullshit, bullshit web, Talk bullshit, and finally BULL. 

And what do you think. BING lost ? Why, NO IDEA. But I think they also forget with Bing one important part. It is a human selection. And we change our mind every time again. So the change that Google will win if I do it again is just as high as that they will not win. For me this is just Bullshit. If I need to find something then I use Bing, Google, or I even ask my mother, sister or my kids. But please stop asking to make a decision like thus. It is not that important for me :-) 

Good luck finding stuff, and thanks for finding 

(Whatever how you did that .....)


When I started And why.....

Let me start explaining how I get started with BULLSHITWEB.COM!
When I buy a hosting I got a free domainname with it. Ialready have a few websites :-)

So, I was actual thinking what kind of bullshitweb should I make, and that is what I actual did.
Then and there I decided I would like to have a website where I can talk about everything I like to talk about, show pictures, share videos if I like. Or even tell something about programming.

Whatever comes in my mind, I have now a place where I can talk about it. Will there be readers for this, I think so, but if there not, no problem, and if they do not like it, they can always move on to the next web ..... And yes, I know, I qm not the best writer in English, but that is because I am Dutch.

Anyway, this is actual how I started, just by accident. And I still like it.
If you have qny subject that you think I need to checkout. Or need to write about, thn let me know.

I just give my bullshit about everything that I know something about it.

Did you like the idea of this web, or not, then tell me, the more input I get, the better website Inc
an create. Let me know how you did find me. What where you looking for, that you found my website. In other words. What Bulshit did bring you to my web :-)

Thanks for reading till here.....

The End.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

To many things are going around in my head ...... To little time doing it all in one day :-)

Do you have this same problem that I have ? To much things are going around in your head ...
Want to make all kind of things, but before I know it, the day is already over and the night is there ...

Today I planned to make my new hosting account and set it up. But because I needed to fix other things (And the actual hosting company that I wanted to use screwed up) I spend a lot of time waiting and doing other things that I did plan to do ...

But whatever. Tomorrow there is another day (We hope) to try it all again ... Maybe the sun will bring now a day that I can actual do something that I planned too do.

Good night, sleep well ..... And no BULLSHIT !

The so called EXPERT :-)

Today I was reading a lot about people asking questions on different websites about what they earn in Google Adsense, Ebay Partner Network and some other Affiliate programs.

It is funny how many EXPERT that you see. I am not saying that I am one. But working for a pretty long time on the internet and with different computers, I am maybe not writing perfect English (Because I am actual Dutch) but I know something about the Internet, and all the different ways how you can make money on it.

Reading that someone is saying that "When you get your Page views in Adsense High enough" then you will get rich is a stupid thing. This person was forgetting one thing. If you do not get clicks on your ads, then you will not get paid anything at all, even if you had 10 million page views ....

What I have learned in all those years is that if you just make a website that you like, and other people start to read it, then it can all be BULLSHIT (Need to use this word now ad then :-) But then you will get viewers sooner or later.

Start making websites that you like, create something where you have fun in, and stop thinking on what you can make money on. Because I think in the end you get the most money if you make something that you already like. The rest will follow you ....

To end this part I would like to ask my readers (If you could understand it till here, you are great) to tell me in a comment what you would recommend to make for a website. Tell what you would do to make money online. Not only with Google Adsense, but also with other Affiliate programs Like Ebay Partner Network, or any other affiliate program. Or do you sell ads on your website ?

Are you the real EXPERT ?