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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Serieus on FIVERR! Benny an Millie raise money to help adapt there house to make it Wheelchair accessible!

These two kids (Brother Benny and sister Millie) are doing a gig on Fiverr.

They are telling some Jokes. They are trying to raise enough money  to make there home wheelchair accessible for Millie !

I would like to help them, that is why I hope that you as a reader of my blog, also will visit
Benny and Millie on Fiverr, and help them raise money for this. I think it is a great idea.

Here you go:

I hope they will raise a lot of money for this ....

Sometimes bullshit is just FUN! O NO BULLSHIT at all!

Yes, there is so much bullshit on the web, but sometimes BULLSHIT is really funny.

Was checking out Fiverr, and found there this girl that actual is doing an ad for you as a robot ??

She is dressed up like a robot (Kind off) And she has a robot voice. I would never, ever do this. But he, if she can make some money with it. I like it.

Here you go girl. Your link on my

But for you, I think it is NO BULLSHIT!

A lot of BULLSHITweb are out there. I only just named my website BULLSHITWEB :-)

While surfing the web you see a lot of BULLSHITweb clones ? They are not named like my website, but they are just a lot of crap.

For example, I got this morning an mail telling me that I could get my reputation fixed on the web. They offered an service to place good reviews, place links in blogs, and do reputation repair? Looks familiar ?

See here:
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5. Helps protect against competitors or anyone else from attempting to run your ranking.
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What a BULLSHIT, sorry.

I do not have to pay money to get good reviews ? How stupid do you think I am. If you can write a GOOD REVIEW for my website, then I can write it as well ????????????

The place with a lot of CRAP. You got to see it ??

Okay, I did it. And made money. What did you say. No name under it. No problem.

Yes, that is how you do it, and how I can do it myself. The only different. I do not ripoff people and send them BULLSHIT in there mail .... And hide behind a GMAIL address. Website is

Not to mention to let people pay for twitter followers, Twitter Likes, and Google Plus.

Be real, there are plenty of website where you can do that for free like ADDMEFAST.COM, ISOCIALTRAFFIC.COM, and

Maybe they use that same service. People, be real. Just make a nice website. Talk about what ever you like.
But stop wasting your money on crap like this. Because of this we only get more spam ......