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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 and similar websites.

Yesterday I was talking about that people are doing too make some cash, but are there now ways to really make money?  Yes, and no Bullshit this time. You can make money with websites like, but also with the clone websites.

But before you start with this, here are some tips I would like to give you out of my own experience.

  1. Check if you are realistic in an gig that you are offering. With this I mean that if you offer to build for example an website, that some people will expect just an installation of for example Wordpress, but that others expect at least and Professional Website. And all for an Fiverr? Tell exact what you are offering. Do not over offer. You will get regrets after it.
  2. Ratings. The problem with an website like Fiverr is its rating system. You create an gig and get some success and then someone is ordering the wrong gig, or for whatever reason you cancel the gig. (Can be any reason actual, but at least you agree with the buyer that you can cancel) and then it seems that nothing happens. But in reality there is an change if you cancel to many times that your rating will go down. And not only that, you can loosee your level. did happen too me. Do not cancel yourself. Let them goto Fiverr and let them cancel it. But still then your gig will come under cancelled gigs.
  3. Contact information. Yes, official you can not contact people outside Fiverr, but then it is Bullshit (sorry, have to say this) that you can create Skype gigs, help people with websites and they give you the login information from the website. So in other words, you can contact someone if you want too. They can better promote the fact that they protect buyer and seller, by creating an space where they can buy and sell gigs. In that way they would be able to offer an way better service.
  4. Payout. This is an hot topic. But I have too say something about that. When you finaly have made some money by selling gigs, then you have too wait 14 days before payout. Yes 14 days! Why not 5 days, or 7 days ? Way too long. And see point 5 as well.
  5. Before you actual get your money, the buyer has to review your gig. If the person who actual did buy your gig is not sending an review, you have to wait 3 days before it is marked as finish. 3 days waiting for someone to tell if the work done was good or not! Can this not be any faster? Sorry, I think that is taking to much time. 
Fiverr Alternatives.

There are a lot of ways to do this otherwise. Because that the script is relative easy, there are a lot of clone website like
Below you find an list of some of the websites I already found :

Just to name an few. Some of them are just clone websites, but others are a little more then that and do offer faster response. The payout on and is only 5 days. is actual more an website too promote your Gigs.

Disadvantages of above websites:

- Not that much traffic as an Fiverr website.
- Most of the time there is only one person opperating the website.
- Can be located everywhere in the world.

But like I said before, there are a lot more websites, and I want to have an list from all the websites that are similar to, So if you have an website like Fiverr, response then in the comment and talk about it. Tell what you offer. It is FREE advertising for you ....

Monday, April 8, 2013

Did you see this picture of you ?

Sometimes you just wondering why people just try just about everything too get you press that link.

And how much money will they make of it ? $0.0002 or something like that?

You see it everywhere. On twitter it is almost daily. All just, correct. Bullshit.

It seems that everyone is trying to make some money, and that they actual do not give a damm about how too reach it.

Or it is with above trick, or promising you gold.

Like the idiots that are telling you that you can make 600 dollar a day????

Why would they start telling you that in the first place? If you would make 600 dollar a day, that is more then 18.000 dollar a month??? More then 200.000 dollar a year????

Why would you tell it. Simple, because it is not true. They just want to make you curious so you will spend the money to find out what is behind it....

There are even standard scripts for it.

Do not beleive it. Keep your money in your pocket.  Think of  something yourself to make money....

And do not beleive that kind of BullShit that you see on the Web.

That is why I named this website