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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Hosting, and how you depend on it!

After again having a lot of problems with my hosting, I decide to stop with hosting for a while. 

Spending hours on hours explaining that it is not on my side but the hostings problem I want my money back.

I even went ahead buying a extra hosting with this hosting company. But even there I had the same problems!

As you can see I do not mention the name from the hosting company as they have always been good to me. But because I wait now on my refund I want them to understand it is serious.

I just want the refund for the old hosting that I still have left. 1 year hosting left there of 3 years contract. And the hosting I did buy to try to solve there server problems. This bullshit need to stop!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Don't you hate it when something is suspended ? Yahoo Answers account is currently suspended

Update. Checked yesterday again my email from yahoo and found this email:

 Thank you for contacting Yahoo!.
Your content was deleted for features or resource abuse.
In Yahoo! Answers, you may not abuse site features such as abusing stars; using multiple accounts to harass, troll, and point-game; or using the "report abuse" link to target other users. You must not excessively use bandwidth beyond normal usage levels.
On review of your case, we have decided not to reinstate your content.
For additional help with Yahoo! products, please visit the Yahoo Help pages.
Thank you again for contacting Yahoo!.

In other words, I have nothing to say about this ???? This is now the bullshit that you can get. I really did nothing wrong with my account. I stopped using it more then 7 to 8 months back, and when I wanted to login again, I found out that my account was blocked. And they simple do NOT want to reactivate the account. It  is not that I can not live without it :-) But it is simple unfair. Any others who experience this with  Yahoo ?

Today I went for the first time in like 4 or 5 months to my Yahoo account, to look at Yahoo Answers ? And then I see this :

I say what ?? Suspended? I did NOT do anything with my account the last 4 to 5 months. (Yeah, I hear you, they say it all !!) No, sorry, it is really true, I did not use it. But the worst part is, you look at this message and see that you have to send a message to : if you feel that there is made a mistake ???? Yes, DUHHHH. There is made a mistake, but I am locked out. No warning what so ever ... Simple locked out ? Points gone ??? (Not that I do much with it ?) But anyway. This happen to me, but how long will it take before I get a answer ? Will it be days, weeks. No information? So I went in the Answers of Yahoo and type in :

Yahoo Answers account is currently suspended

And I see a lot of people reporting this as well ??? And simple tell me to forget about my account, because they did not get a answer from Yahoo. I will first wait a while to see if I get an answer from Yahoo ? But if they actual send to answer as people are mention in Yahoo answers ? Why do they even give a email address to send a complain too ?? 

Will wait and see what happens. Keep you informed :-)

Update: It is now 3/18/2014 and I had received one message saying that my account will be suspended. And that I needed to look at the forum for this? But I did not spam, did not do anything with the account for at least 6 months. And asked several times to activate the account. But till now NO result ? Anybody else same experience as I have ?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Bullshit of Reviews

Today I received a email after doing some work for someone. The email was this (Minus the personal info)

"I want to ask for a favour from you. Can you kindly help my new business with a 5 star review on Just a 3 or 4 sentence about the cuisine will help me millions. My restaurant is going through some bad time due to terrible reviews posted by my competitors etc................ "

And this was actual the reason why I want to write this. I actual stopped looking at review websites a long time ago. Why, I hear you say. Simple because there are a lot of people that actual will write anything for money. And not only that, if you look at websites like then you can actual buy for a fiverr any kind of review. On video, or in writing. So, how true is a review these days. As you can see in above text this person is actual doing it, because the competition is doing actual the same, but then against her.

My advice. Run your business as you should do. Do not mind the BULLSHIT that you are reading on so called review websites, because as you can see, it is easy to fake them.

Eat there where you heard from REAL friends that it was good food. Big change that it really is.

Have a good meal, and good luck with your business. Whatever you do, but stay away from FAKE reviews!

Because that is .....

Correct, the real BULLSHIT!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The bullshit of "How to get a good website idea to get lots of traffic"

Yes, if you see this, then you probably where looking for something like "

"Get website traffic", "How to get website traffic", "10 tips to get website traffic", "Ideas to get traffic to your website" or something similar.

Do you really want to know? Why simple not write about something that you really care about.
When I started this blog I was actual starting it because I hated all those people who where screaming about how money they where making on the internet.

You know what I mean : "I make 600 a day, 365 days in a year" ????? Why are they still need then to have my 10 dollar ????
And why are they telling me this then ? Are they earning enough with the 200000 a year ?
Are they planning to give it away ? No, it is most of the time simple a trick of getting your money.

And that is the same now with the people who are screaming of every roof that they know the way to get the best traffic to your website.

I can tell you how ! Simple ! Just make a blog about something you like. Like it to write on it. And sooner or later people will start visiting your blog. And that is the way to get your blog going ...

Good luck with your blog ... No bullshit from me :-)

Monday, March 17, 2014

When it is NO bullshit. Free storage space !!! DROPBOX

Yes, found something I really like this time ... No bullshit !!!!


You currently have 3 GB of Dropbox space

 What is this. I hear you say !

Dropbox can be downloaded here!

When you donwnload it on your PC you get actual a folder where you can place files in. No big deal. 3 GB is what I have now. But this can be made up to 16 GB and more if you want to spend money.

But then the fun starts! When you have placed files in it, you can use the files everywhere where you install DROPBOX on the device you use. Can be your Iphone, PC, LapTop or your IPAD. Anywhere you can use that folder !

To get more space you simple invite friends or family to open a account (Simple give your email address and place a password in it) and they get 500 Mb extra space. (And you as well!) Click here and you can get started as well !

But what can you do more with this dropbox?

  1. Share files with friends, family or even strangers. 
  2. Upload your mobile photos to the DROPBOX (Apps available for that !)
  3. If you need more space you can buy it!
There are 3 packages that you can use. I use the FREE one :-)

But you can also get the PRO version here! This will cost $9.99 each month. For that you have 100 Gb of storage ! And if you want to have unlimited ? Storage then use the Business version for $15 each mont with a minimum of 5 people ! (So your total price is then 5 times 15 is : $75)

Even more storage space is possible. But you can check that here!

Would say that it is no bullshit as long as they keep a FREE part in this. Lets see how it will work. 
O, and if you look for the file : "fakeimages.tar.bz2" because you have read that you will be able to upload this to the DROPBOX so you get more space. Simple save you the problem of looking for it. Upload any picture and copy it again and again in the dropbox and you get also more space!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bitcoins - Bullshit or not ?

A while back I started writing about Bitcoins this article. It was during a long time in DRAFTS. But I get it out now. Why, simple because what all happen with the bitcoins, and what you see in the news.
 Is the bitcoin a thing that will go away, or is it something that will stay.

When you type in Google the word bitcoin, then you see now the story that the inventor of the bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto denies that he is the inventor ? But you do not here anymore about the crash of the bitcoin because that the MtGox was hacked ? And we see more that have been Hacked : $600.00 dollar away from Flexoin ?

For the most people I thing the bitcoins have more question then answers. And then you will see that people are misusing it. I have seen already spam email where the offer to by FRESH minded bitcoins ?

Yep, you get scammed. Trust me....

So I wander. Will this be the payment of the future, or will it be the bullshit now ?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fast CASH on the internet? Is it possible? REAL Review of Cash Machine 2 and other similar ideas!

Fast cash on the internet. Is it all BULLSHIT or not?

Why am I asking this. Simple, got today again a EXCLUSIVE mail where I could make millions of dollars :-)
I am always happy if I can make millions of dollars. Special because till now I have too work real hard for my cash and I am not even close to a million :-)

The mail today was going here: